Sunday, January 24, 2016

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to Obtain a Good Death


Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to Obtain a Good Death
O Mary, how shall I die? Even now, that I think of my sins, and of that decisive moment on which my salvation or eternal damnation depends, of that moment in which I must expire and be judged. I tremble and am confounded. O my most sweet Mother, my hopes are in the blood of Jesus Christ and in thy intercession. O Comfortress of the afflicted, do not, then, abandon me, cease not to console me in that moment of so great affliction. If I am now so tormented by remorse for sins committed, the uncertainty of pardon, the danger of relapse, and the rigor of divine justice, what will become of me then? Unless thou helpest me, I shall be lost.
Ah, my Lady, before death obtain me great sorrow for my sins, through amendment, and fidelity to God during the remainder of my life. And when my last moment arrives, O Mary, my hope, help me that I may not despair at the sight of my sins, which the devil will place before me.
Obtain that I may then invoke thee more frequently; so that I may expire with thy most sweet name and that of thy beloved Son on my lips. Nay more, my Lady, but forgive my boldness, before I expire do thou come thy self and comfort me with thy presence.
Thou hast granted this favor to so many of thou devout servants, I also desire and hope it. I am a sinner; it is true; I do not deserve so great a favor; but I am thy servant, I love thee and have full confidence in thee. O Mary, I shall expect thee; do not disappoint me of this consolation. At least, if I am not worthy of so great a favor, do thou help me from heaven, that I may leave this life loving God and thee, to love thee eternally in Paradise. Amen.

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