Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Prayer for Deceased Family Members and Friends

My dear Father God, my loving Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and my Blessed Mother: I am here humbly on my knees asking to help the souls of my deceased family, all the departed souls of my entire family and my loved one’s [spouse’s] entire departed family, all my relatives, friends and my past friends, whom I knew through my entire life. I implore my Holy Trinity, my Blessed Mother Star of the Sea, with St Michael the Archangel, chosen by my loving Jesus to rescue and help the souls in purgatory or in damnation of sins, to come and help my entire deceased family and friends to come to heaven, to save them all in my Jesus’ holy name, to help me with this special request: ________.
Come St Michael, St Raphael and St Gabriel archangels and all the angels of heaven. St Michael, bring your troops to rescue these souls to heaven. I ask all the saints of heaven to also come on this petition ________ from me your humble servant of my God, my Jesus, my Holy Spirit, the Triune God: to serve, to worship, to adore and to praise all heaven.
Thank you my Holy Trinity for this special prayer request. Thank you my Mother Star of the Sea, and St Michael the Archangel. Amen.
Our Father ... Hail Mary ... [repeat three times] ... Glory Be ...
To save and bring all these souls to heaven. Amen. 
Hail Holy Queen ...
Bring and save the souls to the light of heaven. Amen. 

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