Wednesday, September 23, 2009


With Raymond Clark III now in police custody for the murder of Yale graduate student Annie Le, a recently unearthed 2003 police report and interviews with neighbors are painting a portrait of a man with a violent temper.

In a Sept. 29, 2003 police report obtained by the New Haven Independent, Branford, Conn., Det. Ronald Washington recalls responding to a dispute between Clark, then a senior at Branford High School, and his girlfriend at the time, a fellow student.

"The two are in a relationship which [the girlfriend] wishes to terminate and [the male] does not wish to end it." Washington wrote in the report, which has since been sealed.

"[The male] did attempt to confront [the student] on this date and also wrote on her locker."

At the police station, the girl told of a separate incident in which Clark forced himself upon her sexually. "She stated that she had been having a sexual relationship with [the male] and that at one time [the male] did force her to have sex with him," Washington wrote. "The relationship did continue after that incident, however she is unsure of what he may do as a result of the break up."

'Total Utter Shock'
On her Facebook page Wednesday, the woman – who did not press charges in 2003 – wrote (punctuation hers), "I cant believe this is true," and admitted to being in "total utter shock."

"I feel like im 16 all over again," she continued. "Its jsut [sic] bringing back everything … Its been a rough few days."

In an interview with New York's Daily News, neighbor Anne Marie Goodwin, 40, who lived near Clark in New Haven, said Clark was "very controlling" of his fiancée, Jennifer Hromadka. According to Goodwin, "He would never let her talk to anyone. I would hear a lot of yelling upstairs."

Goodwin also said that Clark "kept a pit bull caged in his apartment."

Tales of Infidelity
In May 2008, Hromadka – who is supposed to wed Clark in December 2011, according to their as-yet unfinished wedding Web site – reportedly sprang to her fiancée's defense on MySpace amid rumors he was cheating on her with a girl in his Yale lab.

"My boyfriend, Ray, if you don't know him, has no interest in any of the girls at YARC [Yale Animal Resource Center] as anything more than friends," she wrote. "He is a bit naïve, doesn't always use the best judgment, definitely is not the best judge of character but he is a good guy. He has a big heart and tries to see the best in people ALL THE TIME! Even when everyone else is telling him that the person is a psycho or that the person can't be trusted."

Recently, Hromadka took to her now-defunct MySpace page to write a cryptic entry. "Who are you to judge the life I live?" she wrote Sept. 11, two days before Le's body was recovered. "I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be, but before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean."

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