Saturday, August 30, 2008



If you really want to get to know the truth, that means meditate or understand meditation, you must first leave the mind to one side, leave religion, and leave your Saints and Gods in peace
Neither the Koran nor the Bible, nor the Torah or any "sacred writing" can help.
Deeds do not serve any purpose. Nor will going to the Himalayas. Only one thing can help you: start looking at things without the mind. When you look at a flower, do not let the mind say anything. Only look at it. It will be difficult because of your old habit of interpreting. You are always interpreting, and interpretations always differ. Interpretations depend on the mind.
How you see things depends on you, not things. Unless you reach a point where these thoughts leave the mind and you stop trying to interpret things and becomes direct, your mind cannot be the mediator. You distort things, and mix them up with interpretations. They are not pure.
So the only way to reach the truth is to learn how your vision can be immediate. You must learn how to abandon the aid of the mind ... This mind management is the problem, because the mind can only create dreams, and you can create wonderful dreams that can make you very emotional. And through that emotion the dream begins to resemble reality.
If you emotions too much, you're intoxicated, you're no longer in your senses, then what you see is a projection of yourself. And there are so many worlds and minds, because every mind lives in their own world. You can laugh at the stupidity of others, but until we start laughing at our own, we are not able to become a natural being, a man of truth. So what should you do?
Try small things: do not intervene on the mind about them. When you look at a flower, just look. Do not say: 'What beautiful! How horrible! ". Do not say anything! Do not use words. Do not verbalize. Just look. The mind will feel uncomfortable, uneasy. The mind would like to say something. Simply tell the mind: 'Be silence! Let me see. I need only to look."
Initially it will be difficult, but it starts with things in which you're not very involved. It will be difficult to watch your wife without words. You are heavily involved, too emotionally attached. Whether in anger or love, either way you are too involved.
Watch things that are neutral: a rock, a flower, a tree, the sunrise, a bird flying, a cloud floating in the sky.
Watch only the things you're not very involved with, which can remain disconnected from you, which can remain indifferent. Start with neutral things, and only when you have managed those move into emotionally charged situations.
People begin with loaded situations, and fail, because it is almost impossible. For your wife, you love or hate her. There is no middle ground. If you love you're crazy and if you hate you're crazy; will both emotions you have the words. It is almost impossible not to let both emotions come. It is very difficult due to the constant practice of speaking.
Sleeping or awake when you are emotionally involved is very difficult to leave the mind to one side. The mind intervene. So, first observe situations that are not loaded. When you feel that you can look at certain things without the mind interfering, then try it with emotionally charged situations.
Little by little, one becomes efficient. It's like swimming. At first you are afraid, you think that you will not survive. And you have been working for so long with the mind that you can not believe you can exist without it even for a single moment. But try! You will be starting the path to meditation in everyday life. Osho

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