Saturday, July 12, 2008


BANGALORE, India (UPI) -- A Hewlett-Packard executive has been charged in India with failing to protect a female colleague who was killed on her way home from the office, a report said.

Som Mittal was the managing director of Hewlett-Packard's activity in Bangalore when Pratibha Srikanth Murthy, 24, was raped and killed by the man who was driving her home late at night in December 2005.

Murthy's death raised concerns and controversy across India about how to adequately protect the country's 40 percent female workforce, The Times of London reported.

Mittal has reportedly been charged with violating laws that require late-working women to be adequately protected by employers.

Mittal is the first company leader to be prosecuted for such a crime, after the Supreme Court rejected an appeal to dismiss the charges, the report said.

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